Wednesday, April 2, 2008

"Excuse me ma'am... Do you have handcuffs at home?"

Ok ... so true story. Today I'm at work (I work as a rounding nurse/physician extender in a large Cardiology group in my hometown).

Anyway... We had a patient come for follow up today that happened to be in jail so he was accompanied by a police officer.

As I'm checking my patient out, going over his instructions, the police officer is putting the patient's handcuffs back on. Something like this:

And then the cop (not the inmate) turns to me and says: "So, do you have some handcuffs at home?"


When I think handcuffs, I think of the above picture.

I'm sure Mr. Pervert Cop-man was thinking something more along these lines:

Of course ... my ass looks NOTHING like the above.

Anyway, in some sort of wierd way it actually brightned my day. Call me crazy, maybe it's my old ER nurse ways coming back but I found it quite amusing that an officer (probably at least 15-20 years my senior) had the balls to ask me such a question not knowing if I was a prude that would call his supervisor to report him or not. (lucky for him I'm not).

Anyway, I took a post-Rudy blog break.

I needed some time away from infertility talks... We decided to wait 6 months and try again. Gives me time to mentally recoop as well as I want to lose some weight. (Although my fertility MD told me I can't do anything for exercise except walking in order to get the best quality eggies for next IVF).

So that was 2 weeks ago - I'm down 10 lbs so far... only a zillion left to go... we'll get there and we'll get a baby one day.

I want to return to blogging though - I miss reading everyone's news. But my blog will not be about fertility stuff for the next 5-6 months though...

Probably about daily stuff and weight loss.

I will continue reading all my blog buddies blogs though!

(Oh, I do have to have a colposcopy this Friday though because I've had 3 abnormal pap smears. Fun...)


Io said...

Holy embryos, Batman! Ten pounds in two weeks? I need to do what you're doing! It sounds like we'll be on about the same timeline - losing weight and (we're hoping to have the money by) six months later, IVF.
I'm glad you're sticking around.
And I *love* that the cop said that to you :)

Io said...

Hey, I less than 3ed you on my blog!

Erin said...

Welcome back! Thanks for the comment.

Grandma Julia said...

I like the YOU that shines out in your blog. Go Shaunal!:)