Friday, March 27, 2009

Andrew Jack

So.....the story of Andrew Jack.

On Sunday 3/22 my mom called me at 9pm and said "there is a baby at the hospital with a cleft lip and palate that needs adopted. Are you interested?" I said....."what are you talking about?"

You see, my husband and I have been trying to have a baby for a while now. We have been through 2 failed IVF cycles and were going to try another one this summer. We thought about adoption but hadn't registered with an agency yet as we were still going to try more IVF first. (Adoption seeming to be so expensive and all.......).

Anyway, there's a labor and delivery nurse at the hospital (we'll call her "nurse baby" in this note). So "nurse baby" is a patient at the doctors office where my mom works as a medical assistant. And a while back, my mom being as talkative as she is with everyone (she makes friends with everyone she meets.....) she told her of our troubles and said "if you ever have a baby that needs a home give me a call." So "nurse baby" was working on Sunday (on a day she usually doesn't work and in post-partum that she usually doesn't work in) and she got assigned to the birth mother who wanted to give her baby up. "Nurse baby" remembered us/my mom and found the home phone number for the receptionist at the doctors office and called and asked her for my mom's number. She called my mom....then my mom called me.

Greg and I went up Sunday night at 10pm to see baby and birth mom. We spoke with her for quite some time.....came back the next morning and spoke with the social work, plastic surgery, financial counselors, nurses, and a lawyer.....and less than 24 hours after getting the call we were signing our initial paperwork for adoption.He had to stay a couple days in the NICU as he had to get put to sleep to get impressions made for his mouth as he is getting a splint made and fitted this coming Monday to help him eat better until his cleft palate and lip are repaired.

He is wonderful, perfect and we love him with all our hearts.

I feel that there were so many factors that had to be aligned for this to happen.......I think that God and our guardian angels/guides were looking out for us and I truly believe that he is meant to be ours.

His name is Andrew Jack. Andrew because that was our boy name that we had picked out with the IVF's. And Jack because when birth mom decided to give him up and we hadn't been called yet (we met him when he was 15 hours old).....the nursery nurses decided to "adopt" him and give him a name. They named him Jack. So we are keeping that as his middle name to honor those nurses that cared for him as their own during those 15 hours he was alone.

Thank you to everyone for your thoughts, prayers and support.


I haven't posted in a long time because there was nothing to post about.


We (emergently) adopted a baby on Monday of this week!

It was a complete surprise.......

We were not even in the adoption process currently......

It is a long and complicated story that I will post later on because right now I have to take little Andy to the family doc for his first checkup.

Will post the whole wonderful teriffic story very soon i promise! :)