Monday, August 18, 2008

Round Two...

Gonna try again!
Re-starting BCP tonight (woo hoo) and then my endometrial biopsy is scheduled for Friday 9-5 and my first ultrasound/labs are scheduled for Friday 9-12. So that's not too far away...I guess I didn't screw it up too much. ha ha!
So tired right now...too tired to post...been at work since 7am (it's now 9pm)...I'm gonna take my MaggieDog and snuggle in bed and call it quits for the night.
Catch up with everything later - goodnight.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Sometimes the simplest things can be soooo difficult...

As I prepared for my appt today w/my fertility doctor I was counting my leftover meds from last cycle to take a list in so I didn't have to order stuff that I already had enough of. (My drug company screwed up last time with the packing - cold vs not cold - anyway it's a long story and ended up with too much Ganirelix. I notified them and they were going to send me packing stuff to send it back. They never sent me the box to send it back to them after I spoke w/the pharmacist - so score for me - I have 6 boxes of Ganirelix left over - woo hoo!) Anyway, that's besides the point (I just wanted to put a little cheery news in there before I drop the bomb...)... appt today was to set up the cycle, order meds, sign consents, have my mock transfer and my endometrial biopsy. However, as I was preparing for the cycle by gathering up all my meds I noticed that my Birth Control Pills are not the right count. I have a week too many left. Where I should have only had 5 pills left as of today I had 12 pills. WTF??? I got out my calendar and my pill container (I admit...I use the old people pill containers to keep all my meds straight) and I know that I took my BCP this last week because I have a BCP in today's section and it's time to refill my pill container again for the week. And I know that I took the pills starting the Wednesday the end of July when I started AF. So....I must have missed the first week of August. I must not have put the pills in my pill container for the week - so I can't believe it - I missed a WHOLE WEEK of BCP's!!!

Possibly what happened is that the first week of August I had to increase my Synthroid because my TSH was not low enough and instead of getting a new Rx (I had a ton of 100mcg tabs left) I just added a 50mcg tab in addition to my 100mcg tab. My new 50mcg tab is little and white just like my BCP so I wonder if when I was filling my pill containers (like I'm 90 years old...) I saw the 50mcg Synthroid and my brain thought it was my BCP. Who knows...I can't believe I didn't notice for a whole week!

My med regimen is:
Metformin ER 5oomg tabs- 2 tabs every morning and 2 tabs every evening
Synthroid 150mcg daily (taking 1oomcg tab and 50mcg tab)
Aspirin 81mg daily
Toprol XL 50mg daily
Primacare ONE prenatal vitamin daily
LoEstrin FE BCPs Daily

So while that is only 6 different is a grand total of 10 pills a day.
And what really makes it hard to believe that I missed a week is that I have been so super careful about not missing any doses of anything and trying to do everything just perfect...I can't believe I did that!

So needless to say, everything got cancelled today for my cycle start up. Bummer. So I was told to stop the pill today, wait until AF starts again, then call in to re-set everything up AND go back on the pill for a month again.

So maybe a July baby instead of a June baby...... :P

Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Look, New Outlook...

As you'll blog has a new look. Kind of symbolic I I embark on IVF again I am going to try to keep optimistic this time. No more negativity. (So if you hear negativity - give me a slap on the hands...I'm turning a new leaf this time). I'm going to be positive.

I recently read this book/saw the film called "The Secret." You may have seen the Oprah episode featuring this...if not click the link. The website is kind of hocus pocus but the the book/movie is pretty good. I think I am going to try to keep to their teaching of positive thinking and the law of attraction with this IVF cycle. Instead of saying things like "if it works" and "my next try," I'm going to stop that negative type of speaking and say things like "when it works."

It's crazy how wierd and unnatural it feels to be so optimistic.