Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wisdom Teeth.....

I had two wisdom teeth removed yesterday (incredibly my lower right wisdom tooth was impacted an looks freakishly like the one in the photo above that I stumbled across in a google image search).
Anyway - my face feels like someone hit me on the right side of my face with a baseball bat and then cut the inside of my mouth up with a bunch of razors. (I'm feeling a little better today but this is still a pretty accurate description).
I took a vicodin too soon yesterday when I got home (my sedation meds must not have been out of my system yet) and I nearly blacked out in the bathroom - had to lay on the bathroom floor until it passed - such a wiener - can't even tolerate vicodin!
I do miss my solid foods and popcorn! (love popcorn - eat it every night watching TV - low calorie you know. I've found if you put some kernels in a brown paper lunch bag and spray a little Pam on them, fold the top down and put it on the popcorn cycle in the microwave oven - you end up with perfectly popped popcorn for hardly any calories!) The microwave popcorn that you buy in the boxes are LOADED with calories - and it's so much cheaper and easier this way! I think the the microwave popcorn industry doesn't want you to know that you can do this!
Oh well.....jello, pudding and cottage cheese for me! Maybe i'll try some chicken soup tonight.


lifecanbeashit said...

Hope the tooth pain is all gone now. My husband had one of his out on Tues. His first visit to the dentist in nearly 15 years!!! Hes such a sook!

Hugs Brenda

Ashley said...

Aw, I hope you feel better SOON!

Io said...

Ah, I remember getting my wisdom teeth out...thank god for drugs is all I can say.

Anonymous said...

I just got all four of mine out on Wednesday. Only went under a local anesthetic, not a I.V. sedation, like you, ande I too feel pretty worthless. My diet of pudding, jello and grits just isn't cuttin' it. I miss my pastas. I am taking two Vicadin, and one Rx Ibuprofen and still I can barely stand the pain. I have found that a nice warm bath with your face submerged in it, is a HUGE pain relief. Good luck to you. Hope you feel better soon.