Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Birthday Present......

My birthday isn't until July 21 but I think that my hubby is going to buy me an early b-day gift! (He doesn't know this yet - but will be delighted as he never knows what to get for me!)

I have been wanting to get an ipod so that when I go walking and stuff for exercise I can have something to listen to - however the choices are ENDLESS! I think actually that I want one of the least expensive ones (the ipod shuffle) because I really don't think I would use all the fancy video features (although a visible play list would be nice). However, I really think that the shuffle will be just right for me.

If anyone has any ipod experience/advice I welcome it as I am making this decision without actually ever seeing a device.

The one I'm looking at is from the Apple Store, and I'm looking that the red ipod shuffle (i like the minty green one better i think) but will probably buy the red one as it is part of the product(RED) line and I really like the idea behind those products.

So anyone with 'ipod experience' let me know what you think. I look forward to comments!

By the way, I have also launched out into the cyber world of facebook & myspace. I did this mostly to catch up with long lost friends/coworkers...but am extending an invitation to any of my bloggie buddies to drop me a line/add to friend list if you are so inclined. Here are the links.



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Io said...

I bought Al a nano or whatever - the small one that can play video - and I love it. (How cool to watch a tv episode!) But it's not like I use it all the time - it might be nice fo a train ride or something, but normally I use my shuffle and it's completely perfect for what I need.