Saturday, June 13, 2009

Just a cute little bath time video - guaranteed to make you smile!

I love my little Andy..........

He makes me smile every single day.

(even when I want to pull my hair out from the screaming, crying and puking....the next minute he'll make me smile). I wouldn't trade him for anything.


Monica H said...

he's such a cutie, and I love his feet too.

Where did you get that blue foam bath thingy? What's it called? It's very neat, I've never seen such a thing but it makes perfect sense. My grandma used to bathe us in the kitchen sick all the time.

Shauna said...

Thanks......I actually hate the blue bath sponge :)
It was ok in the beginning but after some wear it gets prickly and rough.
I ordered him a Tummy Tub (so cool....) and it's supposed to be here tomorrow. I'll have to post a video of that (I know he'll love the tummy tub).

lifecanbeashit said...

Just beautiful!


Chelle said...

He is so precious!!

Thanks for your comments on my blog-very enlightening. You put a new spin on things.