Monday, June 8, 2009

2 Months Old!!!

well really....more like 10 weeks.....but counting this pic as the 2 month picture! so cute!!!


Ashley said...

Wowza! What an amazing surgeon you had. Oh, and a pretty amazingly cute little boy too!! :)

Monica H said...

I just couldn't be happier for you. I love his gummy grin!

I actually came over her because I wanted to give you a few suggestions for strawberry pie, and I got side tracked--I wonder why?

Cindi said...

I linked here from Monica's blog and want to congratulate you and your husband on your baby boy!

He's adorable, and obviously very loved. For everything to fall into place for him to enter your lives is nothing short of miraculous. This is definitely something that is "meant to be." I love how you kept the middle name of Jack to honor those who took care of him.

His surgeon did a fabulous job too.

I'll be checking back to see how he's doing!

froggy mommy said...

I found your blog through Monica H - it totally made my day to read your post. Congratulations!

lifecanbeashit said...

Gosh the dr's did a wonderful job.
He is just gorgeous and looks so happy.
A beautiful pic!