Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What I learned from a frog...

I was outside watering my flowers today and noticed a frog on the side of the house by the hose. I thought he'd make a nice picture.

So after taking his picture, I was inspired to take some more pictures of my flowers. Now little did I realize that this picture taking excursion (initiated because of a cute little frog on the side of my house) would take me through an insightful, zen-like lesson.

I took the following picture:

The lesson? I did not even realize until after taking the picture and looking at it on my camera that there was a spider on that flower. Can you imagine? I looked right at that flower and took it's picture and did not even see that spider that was right in front of my face...not until the camera made me look and focus only on that particular flower and nothing else did I see the spider in front of my face.

Then I got to thinking about life...and that maybe I should not always try and look at the entire big picture all the time, planning always years in advance...causing frustration and worry and pain...maybe sometimes, I should slow down and look at the little pieces of life, each as it's own seperate piece, and see what I may be missing out on. Maybe there's a lot I'm not seeing because I'm trying to see everything. I'd hate to think I'm missing out on some of the little joys in life. Just like I missed the spider that I was looking directly at and didn't see.

So then I found some more bugs on my flowers to take pictures of (I like bugs and frogs, I know I'm wierd...I think they are cute).

Here are just some more flower pictures (sans bugs):

A view of the barn (needs fixing up...but that's expensive and will have to wait until next year or so):
A view of the cozy backyard:

A view of the front yard where the "coyote incident" happened:

Things are starting to get big in the garden:

Behind the garden is a "big garden" of G's where he planted lots of corn and pumpkins and gourds (the dirt area before the field - we don't plant the field).

And lastly, one Maggie-dog looking scornfully out the window at me because she wasn't invited outside this time! (really, I just caught her w/her eyes closed...but she does look scornful don't you think?)


Io said...

Dude! That frog is so cool - at first I thought you had taken a picture of a blob of concrete! it reminds me of my pet toads from when I was a kid.
I so need to come visit - the whole setting for your house just looks so delightful. I mean, you have a BARN! I feel like your yard must be the perfect place for sipping lemonade.
And Maggie's face is priceless - she does look scornful. Poor baby.

I totally didn't see the spider until I read the words and had to go back up to look. It is hard sometimes to remember to slow down and enjoy what we have when we're so focused on the future and getting what we don't have.

The picnic was good - it ended up just being Mel from indyness, her partner Vanessa, and their neighbor, so t wasn't so much of an IF picnic, but it was very nice still. We'll get together another time. Maybe we should plan something for everyone.

Momo & Pinot said...

Hello and thanks for stopping by our blog, Maggie! You are VERY cute Cavalier girl. OMD, what a beautiful house and a HUGE garden!!!

You're our first Ruby Cavalier friend and we'd love to link your blog to ours. Hope it's ok with you.

Momo & Pinot

Rebeccah said...

Hi, thanks for your kind comment on my blog. Your photos are gorgeous! I didn't see the spider either. And I'm completely in love with your yard/barn/house ...

jeepgirl said...

Funny, but I don't know that the coyote would have freaked me out, but the frog.... thats another story. I'm scared to death of frogs!!!! Weird.