Friday, February 29, 2008


I made a mistake today.

I took a home pregnancy test (which was negative -DAMN).

I know am not supposed to do this as "it may be inaccurate" during the two week wait, but I couldn't help it. Now even though I know it is possibly inaccurate, I am still bummed out at this negative result.

I have another one (preg test) at home and knowing me I won't be able to just wait until my blood test on Wednesday 3/5, I'll probably have to do another one in a couple days and then if it's still negative I'll be extremely bummed out. Maybe I'll be compliant and wait..... probably not.

This whole thing is driving me a little crazy.

I mean..... Teenagers have been getting knocked-up for centuries- why can't I?

Brittney Spears and even her little sister who probably still lives with her parents can all get knocked up and be parents. Why can't the people who have homes, jobs and have prepared their lives physically, financially, spiritually and mentally for babies get pregnant?

(I know, this sounds like a pity party but I guess I'm riding the progesterone pity train today) - the horomones kind of 'enhance' my feelings so that they are hard to hide.


Heather said...

Hang in there! I just started my two week wait this month. I'm feeling just like you. I've been fighting infertility for 9 years now and I won once. Working on the second time.

Io said...

I am *fantastic* at throwing pity parties! I am sending you a virtual pity cake. It is completely unfair that all these people can get pregnant just like that.
Don't be too bummed -it is still early if your beta isn't until Wednesday. Good luck!