Friday, February 15, 2008

The journey continues...

Had another ultrasound today - found out that things are developing quickly and I am to have another ultrasound in the morning. (Looks like daily ultrasounds and bloodwork now until the egg retrieval which they say will probably be in a couple days).

I'm feeling quite bloated and uncomfortable, having headaches and am REALLY fatigued. (I feel like a lazy bum). Other than that, no side effects. :)

Anyway, it's 9:30 pm and I'm off to bed (have to be in for ultrasound at 7:30am and then straight off to work). Hoping for good news.

Found a really cool blog today from a girl dealing w/infertility also. Pretty amusing. Link below. (I wish I would have thought up such a cool name for my blog: "Who shot my stork?" - very witty).


Io said...

Hey Shauna! Thanks for stopping by! I am so excited to see a fellow Hoosier on here! Good luck with the IVF - I'll keep reafing.

Io said...

Er, reading, that is.