Sunday, June 8, 2008

Good Day, Good Movie, Bad Dog.

It was lovely outside today - so this morning *G and I went outside to put newspapers and straw down on the garden (since everything is sprouted now).

We left Maggie inside because she's such a pain in the butt outside lately - she chases EVERYTHING - it doesn't even have to be alive and she chases it. ~Butterflies, Squirrels, Chimpmunks and Robins are among her favorites...but she will also chase leaves that blow across the lawn and those little white cotton-ish floaties in the air this time of year....The big problem with her is that when she is chasing something - her ears don't seem to function. It's like her little brain is only powerful enough to support one function at a time. Either she listens OR she runs. She can't possibly listen AND run - that would be way too complicated. The front yard is really close to the road and I have a monster of a time trying to keep her safe unless I have her tied up (which we have enough trees - lawn furniture - etc - that she is always getting *stuck* when she's tied up - then she looks at me with that pitiful little mom come help me look and I have to stop what I'm doing and go untangle her - only to have her re-tangled in 1-2 minutes time). So I love her bunches, but I didn't have it in me to deal with her today while putting newspaper and straw on the garden.

So anyway, *G and I rented movies last night. The Pursuit of Happyness and Into the Wild. We haven't watched The Pursuit of Happyness yet but watched Into the Wild last night - I LOVED it. If you haven't seen it, it's definitely worth renting.

I left the case for the rented DVD on the coffee table last night - so this morning - little miss Maggie dog must have been really ticked off that she had to stay inside while we were obviously having SUCH FUN outside in the garden (in the 90 degree heat/humidity and she was in the air-conditioned house) that this is what I found when I came inside.

The DVD case I found on the floor open and upside down like this:

So I picked it up thinking "what in the world????" and THIS is what I found:

That was what was left of the Into the Wild DVD case. (The actual DVD is still in the player unscathed thank goodness).

It's possible that I just may own this movie now... good thing I liked it so much! We'll see after I try and return it - that should be an interesting conversation at Hollywood Video!

Also...the pieces that are missing - are still missing. I only found a couple of minuscule scraps of plastic - I think the actually ate and swallowed the rest of what's missing.

Here's the perpetrator now sitting on her window seat and eyeing up some chipmunks outside - plotting her next escape plan:

You know what though? No matter how much trouble she causes - I still love her with all my heart - I would NEVER want to be without her. She's a rotten dog - but a good friend.


Io said...

Oh what a stinker! Good thing you liked the movie!
Her tail looks so silky, I just want to grab it. When we get together we'll have her and Charlie play together - they'll get along perfectly as he also loves to go after everything when we are outside. Those errant leaves sure are scared of him.
Did you guys get hit by the storms very badly or was it far enough south to miss you?

Lost in Space said...

Your description of Maggie is just too funny. What a great little personality she has. Glad you like the movie enough to buy it if you have to.

Our golden retriever once chewed a giant hole in the wall of a house we were renting because we made him stay inside. Ornery little things, but so full of love.

DC said...

I wonder if the "dog ate my video" excuse will fly at Blockbuster?!? ;)

I am dying to see "Into the Wild." Glad to hear it's as good as I'm expecting!

BTW . . . I'm loving your blog! Hope you don't mind if I add you to my blogroll. :)

Io said...

Indy got hit in some places, but we are totally fine. Despite being convinced we were about to be blown away along with the crazy thunder, my hanging baskets didn't even get blown off! Just south of Indy is a COMPLETE mess though. It's amazing the devastation in Moscow.