Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Some thoughts on Love and Peace

I am writing this with a saddened heart. If you’ve been reading my blog and comments you know why. If not…please read through the last few posts and their comments and you will understand why.

I love people. I love animals. I love life in it’s entirety. My life is NOT perfect. No one’s life is perfect. However, I love and respect life and the gift that it is. It honestly and truly breaks my heart and injures my soul when I see cruelty of any kind, this would include cruelty to other humans, to animals and to the planet. I am NOT a goody-two-shoes idealistic type…I know and realize that life is not perfect and that there are bad things in the world and that people have to live through bad situations. Please don’t think I am some Pollyanna writing this who has never experienced pain or never understood that life is not fair. I do understand, I also understand that we will never in our human life truly understand each other or each other’s pain and trials here on Earth.

However, with that said, I do have strong opinions and beliefs - my strong opinions and beliefs are that we should be open-minded and accepting of all life. We should not condem others for their beliefs and backgrounds. That is why I’m writing this post…to put an end to all the hatred that has been circulating throughout my blog recently. From ‘Dave,and Mary’ mostly, but probably from others also who have just not left comments but agree with them. I am not condemning them for their beliefs. I do think they are wrong, however, I do not have the authority to judge them - they are adults with free will and will do as they please. I do however, feel that I have the moral duty to put my feelings and thoughts out there, not because I think I will change their minds but because maybe someone who is teetering on the fence of bigotry and hate will read this and have a change of heart and decide to embrace love rather than hate, acceptance rather than blame, and understanding rather than closed-mindedness.

I can not love unconditionally, I wish I could. I don’t believe that as humans we can harness that power very easily, I think it takes either a lifetime of working at it or a Devine gift to be able to love unconditionally. I think there have been only a handful of individuals who have graced this Earth who have had such an ability, such as: the Dali Llama, Gautama Buddha, Mother Teresa, Jesus Christ, Saint Francis of Assisi, and etc. It would be lovely if we could all love like these individuals, but I don’t think that will be possible during our mortal life on this planet. The best we can do is work in that direction and try to love in this manner, to try and make God proud of us by loving all that he created. I certainly can not say that I love everyone, because unfortunately, I don’t. I’m not really very fond of those who hate and cause pain for others, I’m not fond of those who are intolerant, I’m not fond of those who cause pain to people or animals, and I’m not fond of those who disrespect the Earth. Luckily, there are higher powers who can love these individuals, and I’m glad for this because I think everyone deserves love. I think love is a basic human need - raking right up there with food and water. I do not believe that life can thrive without love.

So, in closing, I hope that this writing has touched at least one person’s heart…if it has, then it was worth it. I hope that this will put a close to all the hatred that has been flowing through my blog lately…as that was not the purpose of my blog. I started it so I could talk to others who have to deal with the struggle of infertility treatments…not so I can have people full of hatred leaving their negative comments to poison my thoughts and my heart. So I ask that those who hate and have posted on my blog, please continue to post if you feel it’s necessary, but I urge you to read these words and the words of the above mentioned individuals (Dali Llama, Gautama Buddha, Mother Teresa, Jesus Christ, Saint Francis of Assisi, and etc.) and perhaps you will gain some insight on love…and you won’t waste your whole lives here on Earth being poisoned by hatred and destruction of life. Maybe, just maybe, something will strike a chord in your hearts and you will feel the warmth and bliss that is a life of love. I pray that you will open your heart.


Martha K said...

Dear Shauna, I wanted to extend my sincere apology and thank you for your comments from E's blog. I really appreciate your insight, I had no right to SAY Anything, and I am so sorry to you and especially to E.I truly wish you all the best in your journey and Thank you Again, Martha

Martha K said...

Read a couple entries, David is a Loser w/a Capital L, wow, what rock did he crawl out from? Boy, Blogging is Not For Sissies, you are one gracious and strong Senorita in the face of Major Scumbags.To end on a happy note, Beautiful picture and story re. your pup and niece,incredibly touching to a fellow animal lover. Thanks again for the kick in the derriere, I needed it, appreciated it, and learned from it.

Anonymous said...

Fat butted white girls always have a thing for the dark meat.... Does hubby know about your craving??

Seems like Martha is really saying that someone does a lot of bitching towards everyone... Too bad you let this shit get to you... this is like winning the special olympics... does it really matter if you win?? YOU ARE STILL A RETARD!!

Shauna said...

dear anonymous: now you are making fun of the mentally and physically challenged??? that's big of you.

Shauna said...

Martha: I apologize for calling you out...I was being a bit bitchy myself. I've been a little easy to push over the edge with my responses from all these lunatics that have been infiltrating my blog. I'm seriously considering turning off anonymous-type comments to my blog - it's just not worth it anymore to have to read/deal with all the ignorance. I think I have to realize that I'm not going to change any of these individuals minds or help them see the light.

~S said...

Thanks Anonymous.....you have helped make my decision to turn off comments to my blog by non-registered and anonymous users MUCH easier. No more comments from any of you will be allowed! Yippee!