Monday, May 5, 2008

I can't believe people like this still live here......Here's to you Dave!

I knew that African-Americans (and any other minority for that matter...whether it be gay/lesbian, Asian, the elderly, women, basically anyone other than straight white males....) had to deal with a lot of ignorant comments from people....but I didn't realize it was this blatently in-your-face until I got a comment on my last post regarding Barack Obama from some as*hole named "Dave."

I deleted his post immediately and wrote a rebuttal. However, after doing so, I was so pissed off at the ignorance that people have to face just for being born a non-white straight male, that I went to my e-mail (my comments are sent to my email) and I copied the original text from "Dave's" comment to post here for all to read.

Unfortunately..."Dave" is a chicken-sh*t because he didn't have a link back to his own blog....he just came here and posted basically anonymously so he could get his biggoted rants out and not be bothered by anyone making comments on his own blog. What a weiner.'s "Dave's" post.......What a Man! I know he's my new idol! NOT. (ps dave...if I ever get lucky enough to have kids...I will use such idiotic examples such as this and the previous comment from "Mary" who thinks animals go to hell to educate my kids on how moronic people can be when they close their minds to anything that is different from them......and hopefully they will grow up to be nothing like you both).

So here goes, here's the post from "dave:"

Dave has left a new comment on your post "Anti-Politics":

VOTE OBAMA!! Its the only way to ensure McCain can win. No one wants a Nigger in the whitehouse and atlease if he did get there we have enough people around that if someone in a hood doesn't cap him Hillary would (Vince Foster ring a bell)

If Hill gets the nod she could beat Johnny Mac. There are too many red-diaper dopers out there that would get on her band wagon.

After all it IS the WHITE house, not the the Black House!! And there are too many old schoolers that get it to make sure we don't end up with Uncle Remus for President!

Actually, "Dave" and "Mary" - I feel very sorry for you both. I feel sorry that "Mary" can not fully feel the unconditional love of the animal world - "Mary" please read this, I think it will prove insightful for you....and I feel sorry that "Dave" can not feel the unconditional love from God for the human world. (By the way Mary....I'd be interested in the exact verse you are refering to in the Bible - because I obviously think you're wrong). "Dave" I think it would be helpful fo you to examine your bigoted thoughts to determine their source...your intolerance is very frightening.

In closing, hopefully little "Dave" has the b*lls to comment here with a link to his own blog so that we all can comment on his 'brilliant' thoughts as well. Come on "Dave" - do you have the guts?


Anonymous said...

Love is in the air.... Everywhere I look around...

Io said...

Stuff like that makes me cringe. So many people don't realize that racists like that are still around. What a chickenshit. C'mon Dave, bring it.

Your Buddy Dave said...

What you fail to see is that those of you who drink the Kool-Aid and "luv" the black man are fools. They will continue to take advantage of you, make you feel like its their fault they are allon welfare and smoking crack and as soon as Kunta Kinte gets in the Whitehouse, the limo will have spinners, the fridge will be full of colt 45 and he will give his people everything he can... His people... then if there is anything left he will let you pay double for your share... I get so tired of these PC losers that think they have to kiss the black ass because they may be offended with us, they may think we are racists... Well sweetheart, everyone is. If you weren't then you wouldn't be calling them Afro-anything. They would be americans... Hell, if I made a tv channel and called it WHITE TV all the monkeys would come out of the trees and chuck spears at me. But we can have a BET channel and a miss black america. then why can a black win miss america and a white can't win miss black america? If that SOB gets in there, he won't be there long. There are enough pissed off honest hard working WHITE americans and quite a few blacks that think he is an Uncle Tom ... Don't belive me, look up Pastor James David Manning, PhD. of the ATLAH World Missionary Church in Harlem and watch a few of his youtubes... You will understand Osama/Obama is NOT the answer... You really shouldn't be so angry... You stress out way to easy... ;-)

Reasons why I hate NIGGERS
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2. They are welfare hogging pieces of shit. When someone actually needs a little bit of help from welfare, they usually cannot receive it due to all the spooks living off of everyone else’s work.
3. Why not hate them? What purpose do they serve on earth, other than to make it unsuitable for everyone else?
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5. They can barely speak properly. I hate listening to those ebonics speaking pieces of shit and trying to decipher what the fuck they are mumbling about. Maybe if they’d take some time away from stealing, robbing, raping, and ruining the world for everyone else…they could spend some time getting an education.
6. They make me mad seeing them on TV. BET? Why is it necessary to devote an entire channel to them? Do we really need to see them trying to make “music” while jumping around on stage just like their ape ancestors? No, we don’t. Maybe if they’d remove stupid shit like this, then maybe future niggers wouldn’t try to imitate these idiots.
7. Those stupid fucks wearing pants that are falling down to their knees. Um, hello you stupid niggers. It’s bad enough that we have to see your stupid faces and other uncovered regions. We really don’t want to see your nasty lower regions being exposed. If we wanted to see that, we have zoos and Animal Planet to get our fix for those who have a fascination with looking at apes exposed.
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10. They ruin sports. It’s pretty bad trying to watch a sporting event and all you can see is a jersey/uniform on the screen. They are the reason they had to start putting names on the back. Who the fuck can tell them apart? When all you see is a shiny black image, it’s really hard to tell them apart. You stupid spooks.

Shauna said... are actually the most horrible person I have ever been in contact with.

I feel horribly sorry for you and your pathetic state of life.

(I will leave your comment so others can read your idiotic remarks)

Please do not post here again on my are not welcome here.

Shauna said...

by the way "dave," to be fair and try to get some insight into your twisted world/mind, I looked at your link to your "website" if you can call it that....HOW PATHETIC! It's not's a stupid picture, there's nothing there! There's no links to anything, there's no content, there's NOTHING. Which doesn't surprise me because that's all your bigotry is...a stupid thought with no reasoning or truth behind it. Your website is the most lame place on the internet! Get a grip "dave" and get some help with your life.

Shauna said...

one last thought "dave" only because I know you will be checking back here to see if I have relpied to you.

Do you abstain from using all things created/invented by black people??? you should do an internet search on black inventors ( - just type "black inventors" in google and you will get plenty of information.

So hope you don't use any of the following (just to name a few):
1. the elevator
2. ice cream
3. trash can
4. fire escape
5. open heart surgery
6. blood transfusions/blood banks
7. spark plug
8. two-cycle gasoline engine
9. portable x-ray machine
10. gas mask
11. peanut butter
12. cell phone
13. lawn mower
14. small pox inoculation.
15. helicoptor
16. toilet
to name just a few, there are plenty more......

So I hope that you do not use ANY of the above (I know you do...everyone does) I hope that everytime you use any of the above products/inventions that you think about the fact that it was invented/created by a black person!

Also, I wonder if you would be still as bigoted as you are if you were in a horrible car wreck and the paramedic that came to save your miserable life was black? If you were in an establishment when it was robbed and the police officer taking you to safety was black? Or you needed a new and innovative medical procedure or surgery immediately to save your pathetic life and the only avalible physician was black?

i wonder??? would you turn away their help? probably not...because you'd use them, get what you needed from them, have them save your life, then you'd spit on them and call them names. wouldn't you??? surely you wouldn't refuse help from the black paramedic as you are bleeding to death? or refuse help from the black cop as someone has a gun to your head because you were in the 'wrong place at the wrong time?' I didn't think so.

have you ever even thought about any of this???? or has your hatred sealed your mind so tightly shut that you can't see that EVERY individual is a PERSON first and a color/creed/sex/sexual orientation second? And that inside (and in the afterlife) we are ALL THE SAME????? do you truly not believe that????

just something for you to think about.....

also, don't forget that everytime you get in an elevator that it is only here because it was created by a black man! bet you'll be taking the stairs now won't you?

Morrisa said...

Wow! I am shocked and so disappointed to be part of the human race right now. While I dont care for Obama for entirely political reasons that have nothing to do with the color of his skin I am amazed that someone like Dave still exists. First of all, why is Dave reading an infertility blog? I am so sorry you have to deal with someone like this, I think he is just trying to get a rise out of you with his hateful comments. Dave, I hope to God that when it comes time for you to stand before our Maker that you can explain your feelings of hate towards other people.

lifecanbeashit said...

Well Im a bit shocked to say the least!
People like 'dickhead Dave' should be 'put down'. (Like we do to animals)
It worried me that people like 'dickhead Dave' are aloud to walk around this earth with the rest of us.

Took a look at 'dickhead Daves' website. Shit must have taking someone with a huge brain to make that!! lol


Glen said...

Nigger lovers!

~S said...

Thanks Anonymous, Dave and have helped make my decision to turn off comments to my blog by non-registered and anonymous users MUCH easier. No more comments from any of you will be allowed! Yippee!

Duck said...

omg, i can't believed such total ignorance (Dave I mean - not you).

Justin D said...

Btw Dave got ALL of his facts from another person by searching why i hate black people on Google. I know this because I was making a shock video on YouTube and needed some material and found it. And also, straight, white, males recieve just as much rude remarks and descrimination from other races as those races recieve from not only straght, white, males, but also other races and orientations. But anyway, racism is a bad thing and should not be tolerated, even against straight, white, males.